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We want to make the world a better place and help the local population in Madagascar and more precisely in the SAVA Area where we are sourcing Vanilla and other precious spices, to improve their life conditions.

Empowering the local communities is what we are aim at.

It has been a big effort to create and it requires daily energy to sustain our No Profit organization “HELP MADA”.

We are very proud of it!

Grand Mere Madavanille

Existing Activities

Two dispensaries, located in Antsahabe and in Ambodimanga, and a school in Mahevatanana

Missions of the medical center :

  • Provide medical care to pregnant women in the area
  • Educate women about hygiene
  • Malaria prevention and treatment
  • Vaccinations
  • Dispensary medicine
  • Secure clean running water  
Counter MADA -Vaccines
Counter MADA - Women Family
women assisted on the
family planning
Counter MADA - People
people formed to
Malaria prevention

New Project

Build a new community school

Mission :

  • Provide free education to the children in the area
  • Provide clean classroom facilities
  • Provide electricity and water to the school
  • Provide annex facilities to the school (Gym, Cafeteria, Night school center for adults)

Other projects in the process of being developed :

  • Build new dispensaries across the north of Madagascar
  • Small scale farming to teach communities to grow local vegetables for their needs
  • Provide small communities with clean water